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Above the Clouds
Free Theta Healing Session 

I am here to provide you with the life force, an endless energy, from the love and light of the divine, to enlighten the darkness of the road. It will shine your inner world for you to begin your journey from within. to create a new bright, wonderful and great reality to complete your journey with your own ray.

Yours with Mercy & Love

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


“Emad is a naturally born healer. He has a very open heart and just being in his presence brings a lot of clarity and kickstarts the healing process to take place very organically. his words are precise, direct and yet gentle. He guides you to have that awareness and open up to new dimensions of your perception. I had an experience with his reading, and can i say that during the reading i had something shifting within me in regards of my request. and that was a spontaneous healing as a result of his reading and loving space he create.”  

—  Anna Ozturk 

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